House of The Crimson Strumpet - Detailed Overview

What is the "House of The Crimson Strumpet"?

In short: think of the sim upon which the Crimson Strumpet is located as an "alternate universe" with a separate timeline and reality from the rest of your Second Life. While here, our reality supersedes all others. When off sim, we don't exist.

School is in session every Saturday, 10:00 A.M. Second Life Time (SLT), unless stated otherwise at the House Blog ( which is password protected. However, all students and observers here are given that password.

Visit us now (SLURL).

The concept is simple: it is an OOC training center in Second Life for the training of Gorean Kajirae in an IC atmosphere. This training center also is open to all comers: Gorean and non-Gorean with no intention of going to Gor - but will be expected to follow the traditions of Gor while here (a.k.a SL "BDSMers").

However, there are some paradigms you should be aware of:
  • All open chat is to be considered and treated as in-character (IC) - no exceptions, even when speaking out-of-character (OOC) terms and concepts. This helps ensure nothing is taken personally.
  • All instant messages (IM) are to be treated as OOC - in OOC everyone is of equal status, no matter how the other person speaks or reacts. No exceptions.
  • Money is not accepted (Linden Dollars or Legal Tender) for enrollment. This training is provided free of charge to all comers.  (Though we are grateful and humbly appreciate discretionary tip-jar donations).
  • This is an "Alternate IC event" - much like a "Warrior Tournament" or "OOC Auction" - though the activity is of an OOC nature, all interaction is treated and viewed as IC activity and usually considered separate from any other "storyline" and role play activity in your normal day-to-day role play.
  • All comers are welcomed, including and especially "new to Gor" individuals. Even if experienced in Gor tradition, you will learn much here.
  • Because this is an "alternate IC scenario" - students will be treated as "owned" by the house. If "owned" elsewhere in Second Life (Gor or not) then we will take the presumption the student is on "ownership loan" to the house during the time they are on-sim. When off sim, all previous status is restored.
  • Because of the above on/off sim paradigm: it is imperative all students are dedicated and attend lessons. Off-sim "owners" are welcomed (even encouraged) to attend in an observation mode - hell, they will learn a lot also.
  • A house collar will be issued. If you prefer to use your own collar, you will be given positions animations that will be expected to be copied into your existing collar. No exceptions as they are required for training purposes.
  • Be warned: this 'university' is not for the faint-of-heart. Kajirae role players take on the role to experience the life of a "total power exchange' scenario and that is what we dish-out, both the good and bad. Thus, if the training is or becomes too intense for you, there is no shame is stopping-out. However, it is imperative you notify the head-master or first girl of your intent to discontinue - it is only right and fair to us that you do so.
  • All training will occur the same day and same time of the week, every week. If enrolled, you are expected to be here. If you miss-out without prior notification or proper justification, then it will be your loss and you could be dropped from the house.
Curriculum outline:
All students will wear a title and a colored arm band to indicate at a glance their level of training. There are six tiers of training:
  1. The Tramp (White): Language protocols.When to speak, how to speak to free and non-free. Including some language techniques and tips to help you excel as a kajirae; phrasing and expressing yourself clearly and in a pleasing manner. Role Play techniques will be heavily covered here also.
  2. The Floozy (Blue): This will be a focus on posture protocols, such as when to stand and when to kneel. We also will go into detailed depth on other positions, their descriptions, when, how and why they are used. Free should definitely attend this instruction as the knowledge of these positions are useless unless the free are educated enough to even know they exist. Detailed knowledge of these by kajirae and free alike will enhance role play exponentially.
  3. The Harlot (Green): Here we will focus on the myriad of Gorean drink. Too many only know what paga or black wine is. We will focus on the many different drinks, how they are stored, prepared and served. This will enhance role play by allowing kajirea, for example, to suggest "new" and different drink to those they serve.
  4. The Hussy (Yellow): Similar to the drinks instruction, we will focus on foods, where they come from, how they are stored, prepared and served. This will include meats, poultry, marine, fruits and vegetables.
  5. The Trollop (Orange): This is where we will place a higher emphasis on role play techniques and Gorean tradition and law; handling things; how to give or take things. For example: a kajirae is most certainly allowed to hold a weapon". However, they are not allowed to "handle" one (owner and city laws notwithstanding).
  6. The Strumpet (Red): This is where everything is wrapped together and put on display as we focus on how best to please women and men - and we get into the deepest, most desired aspects of being kajirae, such as dancing, massaging, bathing, feeding/serving and outright passionate whoring (if that's where you want to go with it.)
Lessons start each week Saturdays promptly at 10:00 A.M. SL Time as this afford the most access across world time zones. If you are able, it is best to arrive a little early.

A reminder: all open chat is IC. As a kajirae, you will be treated roughly at first. It is imperative you understand and always remember: we all are characters in a play and it is those characters who are interacting. You the typist are and always will have the highest of respect, but that will only be evident in IM, not in open chat.

Additionally: this training center is open to all comers: Gorean and non-Gorean.

Erik Fyanucci practices an "open IM policy" - meaning you are welcomed and invited to IM at any time if you have a question or concern about anything. Erik Fyanucci's IMs are private and confidential and never will be repeated for any reason to anyone at any time.

Student of the House are encouraged to participate at the House blog:
Note: the password to access the blog is given to all students and observers in-world at the beginning of each training session.

Visit The Crimson Strumpet now.